Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When I feel kicked, Jill Scott picks me up.

Ever have a day when you just can't catch a break from folk who seem so determined to tear you down? Most of us have. Well, Jill Scott's powerful song has become my anthem, a song that reminds me to keep picking myself up and putting myself out there, no matter what. To focus on the positive, and let the negative slide like water off a duck's back. (Thank you, Jinkx Monsoon!)  And that is what this week is all about.

Visiting Charleston today and tomorrow, and doing an interview on Lowcountry Live (Charleston ABC Channel 4). I am really excited and more than a bit nervous, as I have only done a handful of interviews so far, and never one with a camera pointed at me. But be it deer in the headlights, or suave and cool, I will feel pride in knowing I put myself out there, in spite of my fears.

Friday, I am heading down to Savannah to visit the city I have fallen in love with, the city where I have lived in spirit, if not in body, for the last three years. If you are in the area, I would love to see you at Bob's Your Uncle on River Street, Saturday at 2 PM.