Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Siren Call of a New Series Idea

The Siren Call of a New Series Idea-

I took a walk today. A walk intended to clear out the cobwebs that have latched on to my imagination and are interfering with the completion of Shivaree (A Novella), my post-Korean War Southern Gothic take on the ever-popular vampire.

The Source (Witching Savannah #2) is off to production. The Void (Witching Savannah #3) is in the capable hands of my editor, and I am awaiting notes. I have no excuse, absolutely no excuse, not to pull out all stakes (sorry for the pun) and get the novella finished. Except I’m getting ready for a short promotional tour for The Line. Oh, and  it’s sunny, so I need to get outside. Oh, and I feel the need to binge watch True Crime all in one sitting. Oh, and…well, you get the picture. Pure procrastination.

It isn't like the universe isn't screaming at me to finish what I've started. This morning Facebook showed me a picture of an adorable child who shares a none too common name with one of Shivaree’s main characters. Then on my walk, I met a friendly Mastiff who, you guessed it, also shares the same name. 

“So okay,” I say to the universe, “I  get the message.” I begin stomping off the last hundred or so yards toward home when it hits me. What hits me? Only the greatest ever idea for a new series. One set right here in Portland, in my own neighborhood even. Stop the presses, right? Writer finds inspiration in his own backyard. 

Well for me this is news. Even though I am currently living in the Pacific Northwest, I am a southern boy. Cut me and I bleed fried green tomatoes. I live and breathe Southern Gothic. Portland is a nice, clean and pleasant place to live, but somehow until today it has failed to speak to my imagination. Then boom, I get a complete novel just dropped on my head in the matter of ten, maybe eleven steps. I wish Portland could have held its tongue for just six more chapters of Shivaree (A Novella).