Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Dedication in THE SOURCE

For those of you asking about the "in loving memory of" dedication in THE SOURCE, this is the little man, Quentin Comfort Horn, to whom the book was dedicated.

Quentin was a rescue dog (although in truth, he was the one who rescued me), so I never knew his true age. I had the joy of knowing him for over twelve years. He was my little buddy, my travel companion--as you can tell from the number of Savannah photos I share featuring him--and my co-author. He sat on my lap for hours as we worked together on the Witching Savannah books.

Somewhat ironically, I lost him when I was about halfway through the first draft of the third and final book of the series (THE VOID), and wow, what a void his passing left in my life. Sometime after his yahrzheit, which I will observe and not care what anyone thinks,  I plan to honor his memory by going to a shelter and finding my next little Chihuahua monster.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Steal My Work - Piracy is Theft

Yes, this posting is not my usual type of post. It is a rant. And a wake up call.

All you honest people out there, people who would never think of stealing someone's work by downloading it from an illegal  pirate site, please forgive my rant. 

For those of you who are choosing to download my work in audio or written formats from these bit torrent sites, YOU ARE STEALING. And you aren't stealing from a nameless, faceless corporation. YOU ARE STEALING FROM ME PERSONALLY. 

I spent a year of my life researching and writing THE SOURCE. So,  yeah, it makes me really angry to find people downloading it illegally.

I just stumbled across one of these pirate sites where one of the people who stole my work said how excited they were, as they had been waiting for THE SOURCE.  That positively boggles my mind. To think someone has been waiting with baited breath to rob me.

If you want to read or listen to THE SOURCE for free, GO TO YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.

You need to realize that what you are doing is the same thing as walking into a store and shoplifting a book or a CD. No, wait. Actually what you are doing is worse, as it encourages theft on a scale no single shoplifter could ever achieve. 

So whatever rationalization you are using, realize you are not a good person. You are a thief. Plain and simple. 

Now you know, so cut it out.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cover Reveal: SHIVAREE

So happy to share the cover of my upcoming novella, SHIVAREE. If all goes well, it should be available for your Kindle around mid-August.

About SHIVAREE (A Novella):
At the close of the Korean War, sturdy army nurse Corinne Ford turns her back on a troubled past to travel to rural Georgia and marry her battlefield sweetheart. Corinne soon learns she was not the first woman in her fiancĂ©'s life. The once exquisite Ruby, failed actress and dabbler in dark magic, had been brought back from Hollywood to her father's house, sick, broken, changed. Her death cleared the way for many who had wished that she had never returned. Soon, Corinne is confronted with evidence that her fiancĂ©'s first love is neither forgotten nor truly gone. Backlit by the Klan's burning crosses and scored by the cacophony of shivaree, a twist on the traditional wedding night abduction of the groom, SHIVAREE (A Novella) looks into a world where the monsters of folklore confront the monsters of history. SHIVAREE (A Novella) is a work of Southern Gothic Horror.