Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just sent off the first revisions on the edited manuscript of The Source, second in the Witching Savannah series. 
In addition to working on these edits, I have been doing a bit of minor historical research for The Void which will be the third title of the series.  I intend to kick The Void off with a that would have taken place in 1920 at the Greenwich Plantation mansion. That's right, Mercy and her family will do just a wee bit of time travel.
The mansion burned to the ground in 1923, but prior to its destruction, it was considered the rival of the much more famous, and still extant, Biltmore Estate.  The mansion at Greenwich was itself a star of the silent film era, having served as the setting for films featuring Rudolph Valentino and Mary Pickford. 
The party the Taylors will attend is the wrap party for Stolen Moments, which features Valentino's last turn as a bad guy. The land on which the mansion once stood is now part of Greenwich Cemetery, Bonaventure's less famous, although contiguous, neighbor. Alas, I don't have a hand shot of Greenwich Cemetery, but you can catch glimpses of it in this clip of Stolen Moments.