Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Witches of New Orleans--A New Series Coming 2018

My new series, The Witches of New Orleans, is coming from 47North in 2018.

Wait? Witches in an enchanting Southern setting? Haven't we seen this from you before, Mr. Horn? 

Well, yes. And no. The new series is entirely unrelated to the Witching Savannah series, and features a new cast of characters as well as a new mythology. (SPOILER ALERT: No evil aliens.) The Witches of New Orleans world exists on an entirely different plane from that of Witching Savannah.  The new series will also have a different feel from Witching Savannah, and be written not in first person, single point of view like WS's first three books, but in multiple POV third person. 

So this isn't just  Witching New Orleans?

No, no, and definitely not. This series is the Witches of New Orleans, and the word "Witching" has been discarded for a few reasons, the most important reason being that I want to make it clear the two series are different and are in no way connected. 

But I liked Witching Savannah, and now you're telling me this new series will be nothing like it? 

Well, yes. And no. There will be magic, and atmosphere, all the twists and bendy turns, and big, I mean, BIG family drama. But the story will be grittier and, thanks largely to the multiple points of view, richer. 

But no crossovers? We won't see Oliver making his way down Bourbon Street? Iris in the Garden District?  Mercy in the Merigny? 

Sorry, no. 

No one--and I do mean no one--loves the Taylor/Wills/Poole family more than I do. They are my children. But I've spent many years with them now, and it's time for me to give some of the other voices in my head a chance to speak. (Yes. All writers are crazy. Some of us more than others.) 

So there won't ever be another Witching Savannah book?

I didn't say that. If I'm ever struck by a compelling enough story to make it worth undoing the happy endings my kids got at the end of The Void, I'll see if the publisher of the series is interested. I would like to revisit that Beekeeper character and share the secret of her origin.  So perhaps some point down the road, we'll spend more time with Mercy Taylor and family. (And, just in case anyone is worried, I've always been #TeamEmmet.)

Oh, all right. What is this new series about then?

Glad you asked! Here's the elevator pitch for the first book, The Final Days of Magic:

A young witch investigating a string of disappearances in New Orleans’s magical community must defeat the demon who claimed her mother’s soul, or be trapped herself in his nightmare realm.

But you all know me. It's gonna get all Southern Gothic twisty in about seven seconds flat with family secrets and betrayals. The mask will become a theme in the Witches of New Orleans in much the same way lying did in Witching Savannah.

But you get that 2018 is like a million years away, right?

I'm just getting started writing the first book, and can already feel a deadline breathing down my neck, so it feels more like seventeen minutes to me. My publisher wants to minimize readers' wait between books, so the plan is to debut the first book in January 2018, then summer for the second (The Book of the Unwinding) and fall/winter for the third (The Last King of Mardi Gras).

Okay. So shut up and start writing already.

On it. :)

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