Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Than Your Usual Hocus-Pocus


Okay, gang! The conclusion of the Witching Savannah trilogy debuted yesterday. I am both excited and terrified, as I tried to do something a wee bit different from the other "Urban Fantasy" series out there. Those of you who read UF regularly have probably picked up on that by now. 

THE LINE was the set-up, building a comfortable entry to the story, where enough well-worn tropes (the self-absorbed outsider young woman, the romantic entanglements) are present for a habitual reader of UF to feel she/he is in familiar territory. There are a few twists, a few hints that this sense of familiarity is every bit as much of a lie as one of Mercy's Liar's Tour tales, but nothing too jarring,

Then comes THE SOURCE, the bridge book, which honestly was my favorite to write.A healthy dose of actual history works its way in--Jack Parsons, Maria Orsic, the aviation hero whose name shall not be said as he has living descendants--these people were all real. One of them, Parsons, got up to some odd occult things. Maria and the flyboy were stains upon the soul of humanity. (And that is putting it mildly.) THE SOURCE addresses questions about the existence of things larger than ourselves. (And yes, most of my characters share my probably antiquated view that there is indeed something out there. Just because we can figure out some of the magic tricks, doesn't mean there is no magician.)

That brings us to THE VOID. I understand an early reader has described it as "bat shit crazy." That may actually be the best way to sum it up. Those well-worn tropes get ripped apart and set on fire as Mercy concludes her "hero's journey," and reality on every level gets questioned. Hence my terror. 

Still, I thank all of you who have taken this trip so far with Mercy and me. You should hang on to your hats, though, as it is a wild ride to the end.