Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Dedication in THE SOURCE

For those of you asking about the "in loving memory of" dedication in THE SOURCE, this is the little man, Quentin Comfort Horn, to whom the book was dedicated.

Quentin was a rescue dog (although in truth, he was the one who rescued me), so I never knew his true age. I had the joy of knowing him for over twelve years. He was my little buddy, my travel companion--as you can tell from the number of Savannah photos I share featuring him--and my co-author. He sat on my lap for hours as we worked together on the Witching Savannah books.

Somewhat ironically, I lost him when I was about halfway through the first draft of the third and final book of the series (THE VOID), and wow, what a void his passing left in my life. Sometime after his yahrzheit, which I will observe and not care what anyone thinks,  I plan to honor his memory by going to a shelter and finding my next little Chihuahua monster.