Monday, January 6, 2014

White Knuckling on the Roller Coaster

White Knuckling on the Roller Coaster
Wow! Have the last few weeks been a breathtaking experience. Doing my best to take a centered and spiritual approach to the ups and downs, by remembering how much I have to be grateful for. 
I'm still very much missing the little fellow in the photo, Quentin Comfort Horn. He was my partner in crime for many wonderful years, and losing him (days before my book came out as part of the Kindle First program) has knocked a major emotional support out from under me. That said, I know my little man is in a better place where the health problems he experienced at the end of our adventures together are no longer weighing him down.
Still I am blessed with a loving and supportive spouse and many friends who are with me on the journey of seeing The Line (Witching Savannah #1) come out on the market. And when I stop and really think about it, even the difficult parts, like when my book has failed to connect with a reader and they choose to be very vocal about that fact, this is all a huge dream come true. Even if I never see my name on the NY Times bestseller list, I have had the joy of creating a world others have wanted to visit. I love writing, and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to live my dream of leading the writing life.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement I have received here, on Twitter (@TheLineSavannah) and Facebook (